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"Change non necessary stock to cash!"
tectiva Germany optimize the selling possibilities for old stock.
We offer you individual and special marketing solutions for your no more needed components. For example such a solution can be our Smart Commissions System (SCS) or purchase of active elements as a lot buy.
Smart Commissions System (SCS) made by Tectiva Germany
You manage your company, we manage your overstock. SCS means: tectiva Germany handle the time- and staff expensive sales activities on a commission basis.
Some advantages of the SCS:
- maximum return on investment on your overstock
- no efforts for marketing and logistic
- the goods will be pick up on our side for free
- the components remain on your asset
If we aroused your interest in our innovative SCS Smart Commissions System, you can request gladly further information.
Request further information about the SCS
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